Terms of sale

Following conditions apply to people who buy tickets for Aqualand SA

Using of electronic communication media

Users of the online sales platform, which access to the Web site Aqualand SA are familiar with electronic media and know the data security risks associated with its use. Users agree to use these electronic means just in a legally acceptable manner

Acquisition of a ticket

By purchasing a ticket, the buyer accepts the requirements for security, access and additional regulations concerning to the visit to the center: tickets can be purchased only through the use of the official website. Also, the buyer is aware that if the regulations are not respected, will be denied access to the center without compensation.

In the subject that the buyer purchases a ticket from Aqualand SA Buyer shall have no right to request a refund. The tickets will be valid until October 2nd 2014

Deteriorated Tickets

In case of sections images or bar codes are damaged in any way, the entry becomes invalid. If an entry forged or fraudulently is acquired (involving the complaint to the competent authorities) is detected, Aqualand SA reserves the right to deny access to all entries and to reimburse the holders of true tickets.

Unable to use the tickets through no fault of Aqualand SA:

Closing the center due to the weather

If the center is forced to close after having agreed to it, apply the rules of the center for such circumstances. In the case of lack of access for reasons of weather or outside the center, the buyer should ask for the liable of the park at the time, If he won't do it he would lose any rights that may assist you.

Causes attributable to the buyer

If you won't be able to use the tickets purchased for a cause whose origin is the responsibility of client (poor quality printing or deterioration of the tickets, for example) there is no right of reimbursement of the same.

Limitations of Liability

Aqualand SA excludes all liability for damages and / or personal injury or property caused by the negligence or breach of rules of conduct and use of facilities.Aqualand SA does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided on its website, in both its precision and in its completeness is concerned.

Aqualand SA is not liable for damages resulting from errors telecommunication, technical problems, failure of systems or illegal manipulation of computer systems involved, independently of where and how the alteration. Similarly, any liability related to damages caused by incorrect operation, interruption (maintenance included) or overload the system, will be excluded.

The responsibility for damage caused by interconnection with other websites is also excluded. Aqualand SA recalls that a malfunction can result from interaction with other unknown sites by Aqualand SA and assume no liability related to content, products, services and other benefits provided by these sites. The information provided on the website of Aqualand SA should result in private use only and are designed to inform a person susceptible to visit the center. Users are warned that the information can be modified at any time without notice.

Privacy Policy

Aqualand SA undertakes not to transfer data to third for people who buy tickets electronically. Any personal data will be treated confidentially. Only data required for business process execution will be stored and may be used.

For any questions or problems regarding your order please contact us:

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