We guarantee the safety measures.

In order to provide a safe environment for the current 2020 season,
The AQUAMIJAS team has adopted the following measures:

Minimum social distance of 1.5m both in the solarium and restaurant areas and in the queues of the attractions. Supervision by staff to avoid possible crowds. at least 2 meters

Use of masks indoors and in open spaces, where the social distance can´t be respected.

Hydrogel at all access points and available to customers all around the park.

Access control to the bathrooms to limit capacity.

Cleaning protocol: 2 cleanings a day and disinfection of the furniture (sunbeds, tables,
chairs, umbrellas)

Swimming pool water treatment following the recommendations established by the Andalusian Government. Decree 485/2019 of June 4, which approves the Technical Health Regulations for swimming pools in Andalusia.

Personnel equipped with the necessary material to carry out their activity safely (face
masks, gloves, visors and screens in areas where it is convenient).

Limited capacity according to latest updates. Currently, between 50 and 70%.

Covid-19 security staff training and quick tests for onboarding

Collaborating companies with Aquamijas to make your visit safer: Plaguiser, Portales laboratories, Maz prevention and Medical Service Care.

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