There are a number of safety and information standards that will help you enjoy your stay in the Park. PLEASE COMPLETE IT:

  • Pay attention to the instructions of rescuers and employees, as well as all signage signs for the use of attractions.

  • People who do not abide by the rules may be expelled from the park.

  • It is absolutely PROHIBITED to enter GLASS.

  • The Park is not responsible for the loss, theft or damage of objects. The “Lost Objects” service is located in the Information Office.

  • Do not wear glasses, jewelry, buckles, shoes or cameras when using attractions and pools.

  • It is mandatory to use BATH CLOTHES in attractions and swimming pools.

  • People with external plaster or prosthesis are prohibited from using attractions and swimming pools.

  • Pregnant women have absolutely FORBIDDEN to use the attractions.

  • There is a free locker room service and an optional cloakroom service where we have a limited number of baskets, safes and floats for rent.

  • We have an information service where, if you consider it appropriate, you can use the complaint sheets.

  • We have at your disposal a limited number of hammocks for rent. It is not allowed to be used in lawn areas.

  • Please use the showers before accessing swimming pools and attractions.

  • Do not run inside the park, please.

  • Small children MUST be accompanied by an adult.

  • The attractions and pools will close fifteen minutes before the park closes.

  • Once inside the facilities, the entrance fee will NOT be refunded.

For greater security and a pleasant stay in our facilities, the Management reserves the right to modify any of the established norms. Our staff will inform you at all times

Thank you for your attention and enjoy the day with us.

We hope to see you again soon.

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